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The Humorous Side of Corruption in Thailand

So my friend was very pregnant, and craving fruit, and convinced her husband to take her via motorbike to the market.  Having but one helmet between them, somehow they decided that it was best if t would be worn Ryan who was driving, while our pregnant damsel held onto his waist. Unsurprisingly, this attracted the attention of the police, who promptly pulled them over to question their judgment. Amenable and apologetic, they paid the fine of 300 baht directly to the policemen, as is the custom in the country.
They continued on to the fruit market, and upon arriving, realized that they had no money left to spend.  Lacking bank cards, instead of returning home, they went back the short distance to the original policeman, nicely approached him, and asked if they could get a rebate so that they could afford some fruit.  He pulled 100 baht out of his pocket, and handed it to them with a smile. 
Even corrupt police are friendly in Thailand. 

Perception: Blind Massage in Bangkok, Thailand

Bangkok, famous for massage. Competition fierce.
And if you're looking for a different experience? Might I suggest Perception (Blind) Massage in Bangkok where you will receive your choice of massages from trained, sightless masseuses.

Located in the business district of Bangkok, on the second floor of a building, the walls are grey, and you'll find the barely illuminated room calming, but more so, the masseuses are excellent, perhaps due to having more honed sense of touch and feel of the body, the sense heightened to help counter the lack of sight.

On the wall, in a braille like configuration is the name of the business, along with a several placards with motivating thoughts; perhaps not Rumi but well intentioned nonetheless.
In addition to the wonderful massage, you are enabling the blind to earn an income and feel a sense of contribution to others well being.
In mind my mind, it's a win the whole way around, and something, even if you only do it as novelty, which I woul…