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2 Week Travel Itinerary for Thailand if you have Kids with you

So, there is a great Two Week itinerary for Thailand at this link, but it doesn't necessarily take into account if you are traveling with children. To aid in your quest for a great vacation, here is an alternative two week itinerary if you're traveling to Thailand with kids.

From Reddit user Adventure_Lover---  I don't know. What do you want to see? Here's one example (good for families/ children older then 8?): Day 1: Arrive in BKK early afternoon. Go to Lumpini park. Walk around, rent a boat on the lake, paddle around, eat street food, sleep. Day 2: Touristy things tin Bangkok. Grand Palace and China Town. Day 3: Dusit Zoo. It's a decent zoo. I like it. I learned things from it, and I think children will like it too. After the zoo, take a taxi to Siam Paragon, they have a place to see Penguins. If they get board, there's Ice Skating next door at Central World. Day 4: Kanchanburi. Rent a car from the airport (relax, driving in Bangkok isn't too bad). You&#…

An Honest Jewelry Store in Bangkok- Rama Jewelers (Silom Area)

Well, there's at least one on his jeweler in Bangkok. Rama Jewelers.  We entered on a whim. My wife got excited and wanted to have our wedding bands made there, for her a diamond one. and ended up ordering a $2000 ring on the spot.  We had momentary buyers remorse when we went into a nearby jeweler, who promised to create a similar ring more cheaply. We had already put a deposit down and paid for the rain.
It took a month to complete. We went in to pick it up and my wife noticed how tight it was around her finger. Apparently we had sized it incorrectly. They explained that perhaps it was because she was now far more pregnant, and thus her ring finger was swollen. We agreed to come in after she gave birth, (presumably her extremities would no longer be swollen) and if it wasn't fitting at that point, they would make an entirely new ring for us.
Keeping to the agreement, we came in two weeks after giving birth, and true to their word, they took the original ring, and made a sim…