An Honest Jewelry Store in Bangkok- Rama Jewelers (Silom Area)

Well, there's at least one on his jeweler in Bangkok. Rama Jewelers. 
We entered on a whim. My wife got excited and wanted to have our wedding bands made there, for her a diamond one.
and ended up ordering a $2000 ring on the spot. 
We had momentary buyers remorse when we went into a nearby jeweler, who promised to create a similar ring more cheaply. We had already put a deposit down and paid for the rain.

It took a month to complete. We went in to pick it up and my wife noticed how tight it was around her finger. Apparently we had sized it incorrectly. They explained that perhaps it was because she was now far more pregnant, and thus her ring finger was swollen. We agreed to come in after she gave birth, (presumably her extremities would no longer be swollen) and if it wasn't fitting at that point, they would make an entirely new ring for us.

Keeping to the agreement, we came in two weeks after giving birth, and true to their word, they took the original ring, and made a similar one which would fit her finger better.
After receiving our prize, we went to a competitive jeweler from whom we had previously made a small purchase previously, and upon examining the ring, we were assured us that it was of excellent quality.

Therefore, I can wholeheartedly recommend Rama Jewelers, and vouch for their honesty. There was no hassle whatsoever, and in fact when we picked up the original ring, they charged us less than the quoted price, as it had cost cost them slightly less to make them they had previously anticipated. Far better to quote a higher price and then charge less based on their built-in mark-up.

If you're looking for a jewelry store in Bangkok, I don't believe you could go wrong with Rama Jewelers in the Silom area. 

Address987 Silom Rd., Bang Rak, Bangkok 10500
Phone02 266 8656

the interior of the store


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