The Air Gets SPICY in Bangkok

We all know Thai food can be spicy, but the air? Yes indeedy.
My girlfriend and I walked into a local Thai restaurant, street food with an address, the menu featured on a large plastic banner hanging from rods.

The waitress/owner pointed to the chosen cuisine with an umbrella to make we received the correct order.
you point to what you want with an umbrella

We sit down and gaze around, as the chef puts the ingredients together. A minute later a tear runs down my eye.
"Sweetie," implores my girlfriend. "What's wrong?"
"I'm not crying!" I rebut.  
"You have tears rolling down both cheeks sweetie."
"The air is spicy!"
She turns around toward the kitchen, and stares in the direction for a few seconds, smoke coming from the chili-peppers cooking on the grill. Her eyes are red as she turns back towards me, moments later tears roll down her cheeks.
"Spiciest air ever," she jokes.

At least the food was tasty. Red hot, but tasty. 


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