The Positives of Living in Bangkok as a Foreigner

So I have been living in Bangkok/ Thailand between various stays for about a year.

The benefits of following this blog will not only be to entertain with the funny stories and vast cultural differences which exist between West and East, but to give you a general idea of what life is like in Bangkok, enabling you to vicariously transport yourself here.
Also, I hope to be able to offer tips if you wish to visit.

Today, let's discuss the positives and negatives of living here as a "farang" (the Thai word for foreigner.)

Positives of Living in the BKK

1. Cheaper- Oh my God, so much cheaper than an expensive Western City where I am from. An hour taxi ride through the city might cost you $6, I don't even want to think about that spinning meter in New York.
You can easily purchase a delicious and filling lunch for two for $8, and that's with bells and whistles. Rent is much, much cheaper- $2,000 a month gets you an unbelievable 3 bedroom pad in a pristine building downtown in BKK, in New York City that amount gets you roommates and roaches.

2. The People- It is super easy to get along with Thai people. In general, they are extremely sweet and courteous. It is a non-confrontational society; the same cannot be said of NY.

3. Crime? What Crime? -- I am not going to tell you there is no crime here, but as a Buddhist society many people desire to build karma. Most people here are far less willing to take advantage of situations that would financially benefit them then the average American, even though Thais have far far far less money.
In terms of walking around at night, it's perfectly safe, for women as well. The same is not true for nearby India.

4. Fruit - It's a tropical country and we have some of the tastiest fruit available on the planet, and it's cheap. Jackfruit, mangoes, coconuts, all available on the city streets most hours of the day. Literally for a $1 to $2 (depending on where you are in the city) you can purchase a young coconut, have it cracked open for you, and drink that delicious fresh water right out of it, then consume the meat if you so desire.

5. Food - Thai cuisine is delicious and plentiful and cheap as previously noted. You can buy everything from street food, where a meal might cost $1 to the finest dining experience imaginable, which still ain't that much.

6. Big City Amenities- Hotels here are off the charts, and similarly so are the shopping complexes where you can pretty much live the entire day. The Siam Paragon Mall has everything from an aquarium where you can swim with sharks to high-end fashions and the latest iPhones.

7. Massage + Relaxation - you can get an hour long massage for $6 plus tip (or $10 downtown) from a trained masseuse. It makes chilling out here from a "stressful" day, something that's not common in this city, sooooo easy.

This list could easily be more detailed, but if you have a thought add it in the comments below.

Of course, no place on earth is perfect, there click to see- the downsides of living in Bangkok.

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