Maekhamin Waterfall in Thailand- stunning + distant

welcome to Maekhamin Waterfall

Okay, so it's a couple hours from Erawan Falls, a decent distance from Bangkok, but soooo worth visiting- Maekhamin Waterfalls. For nature lovers, it's a must, and comes with the distinct  advantage of being far less crowded than Erawan.
I suggest renting a car. 
There is little to any English spoken in the area, and there are no ATM's so make sure you bring enough cash. That said, the area is cheap and inexpensive, and is a great experience. 
Watch the video below and sift through the photos to get an idea of the area's beauty. Enjoy! :)

Maekhamin Waterfall- all levels of the falls: National of park Thailand

small waterfalls at the upper levels of Maekhamin
a gentle flow down

for more photos of Maekhamin Waterfall


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