The Ghost Building Comes Alive at the Lebua Skybar

There’s a building in Bangkok, near the river, the locals call the ghost building- a high rise condo in a prime location whose structure was built, but for one reason or another, today lies in disrepair, a monument to wasted recourses and a deal gone bad. 

Across from the ghost building, Lebua Sky Bar, the ritzy club featured in the Hangover 3 on the 64th floor featuring $25 cocktails and $600 half-bottles of wine. Looking from the balcony of the sky bar, the otherwise dark Building of Ghosts is illuminated by the surrounding lights of the city. 

In a brilliant marketing move by the world’s largest company, a giant billboard 15 story poster is plastered across the windows of the Ghost Building featuring technology’s ultimate luxury item, The iPhone 7. 
For the revelers at the Skybar there for the status, the awesome view, or just to have a good time, the iPhone 7 will be forever and unconsciously associated with this experience. 
The iPhone Lebua Skybar experience

Brilliant marketing in the BKK.    

below you will find a view from the Lebua Skybar (where the Hangover 2 was filmed)

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