Bangkok, Thailand- one of the safest Places both Personally and for Business

Bangkok, where businesses don't even bother shuttering the windows it's so safe.

Buddhist societies are probably the most trusting in the world. It's exemplified by this local fruit and flower stand which think nothing of leaving their storefront totally unlocked for the entire weekend.
And while only homeless people in most countries would steal the bananas, the orchids are in fact rather valuable, and would represent a decent loss to the proprietor were they to find them gone.

video: the open storefront in Bangkok

This is in sharp contrast with Saudi Arabia, a place where, although you could leave your car window open and your wallet on the front seat, and be guaranteed to find it there when you return, the reason for this is quite different: because the penalty for theft is getting your freakin' hands cut off!

I'm not advocating leaving your wallet out in the open in Thailand, merely illustrating the general trust which exists between people in Thailand and the fact that it is simply baked into society. Oh, and the bananas tasted great :)


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